How to Comply with NYC’s Restaurant Trash Containerization Rule

How to Comply with NYC’s Restaurant Trash Containerization Rule

Posted by BrownstoneBin inspired by Mayor Adams and Director Corradi on 14th Jul 2023

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced on June 28, 2023, that restaurants and food-service businesses must use BrownstoneBin-style secure trash containers for food-related trash, effective August 1, 2023. This new Rule affects some 40,000 NYC businesses, “everything from Dunkin’ Donuts to Tavern on the Green," according to the city’s sanitation commissioner, Jessica Tisch. 

The new Rule is part of the city’s strategic effort to eliminate rats, led by NYC's Director of Rodent Mitigation, Kathleen Corradi.  The Rule will affect businesses beyond restaurants. Any food-related businesses including bodegas, hotels, and condos/coops that rent commercial space to food-related businesses are required to abide by the new legal requirements. No longer will smelly plastic bags of food waste sit at the curb overnight, waiting for morning pickup while attracting rats citywide.

Guidelines for placing BrownstoneBin at your Restaurant or other business in Compliance with the new Rule:

  • Trash must be placed in secure, non-flammable, rodent-proof containers, between 30 and 96 gallons. See NYC Guidelines for Trash Containerization.
  • The proper placement of BrownstoneBin is typically behind the property line.
  • However, there are opportunities to apply for exceptions to this guideline, including seeking Revocable Consent from DOT or by applying to the city's CleanCurbs program.
  • Work with a company that can ensure any trash container placement is compliant with all City codes and requirements.  The BrownstoneBin Team has decades of experience complying with NYC rules, local laws and city agencies. We can help your restaurant and food-service business comply with NYC rules relating to properly positioning BrownstoneBin at your location. 


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